Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"10 for 10" - #1 @Bunny's Pimping Techno

Starting today I will be posting 10 memorable stations on who started to broadcast back in the day around July-October 1999. I also joined Live365 at the same time and witnessed how it all started. Celebrate with us and listen to my pick of Live365 Veterans.
First pick - a station started by the youngest Live365 employee at the time, Natalia or DJBunny.

Station: Bunny's Pimping Techno

Techno mix featuring all the newest hits in the house!

Started: October 28, 1999

Playing: Scooter, Ayu, Technohead, Deep Dish, Infected Mushroom, Global Deejays, Warp Brothers

From: Los Angeles,CA

Genre: Techno, Trance, Acid House

Audio: CD 64 kbps

From DJBunny: "This is Bunny's tight ass techno mix featuring all the newest shit in the house! Here you'll find the newest trance, house, and happy hardcore hits, plus all the great classics from local DJs and all over the world. Just remember that this is my mix that means I DON'T wanna hear what you have to say about it, cause it's MY mix. :P Just kidding..."

From Listeners: "I was just brought here by my girlfreind and this is a wicked site. Love the killer beats you are putting out Bunny. Keep the waves a rollin!" - Talbec

"Reminds me of my raving days! Really great beats! You have an awesome collection of techno hits! Where do you DJ?"

"I'm 36, and I've been around House and Dance since it started back in '86. I got to say this is the true stuff. Bunny, you're a pimp! And I mean that in a good way!" – msiemers

Post your comments about this station here

Monday, June 29, 2009

Music Radio China

Monday Pick from Lawrence:

"I found the catchy 'Music Radio China' station when randomly cruising live365.

What I liked:
- Recent Chinese Pop Music: not too 1990s, overly techno or too cutesy
(I don't speak Chinese, so the sound, beats and rhthyms become even more important)
- Pleasant Chinese Pop lullabys in the mix

You should listen if:
- You're curious about a nice selection of recent, Chinese Pop music

You should avoid if:
- You can't stand Pop or stations like Radio Disney
- You don't like artists or songs that repeat in the day (this station does that, like most Pop stations do)

If Music Radio China doesn't hit the note for you, the other Asian live365 stations might meet your fancy.

For example, some specialize in the hyper sounding 'kawaii' Japanese Pop
and some play truly traditional Asian music.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Concert in a Park
Enjoy the smooth sounds of acclaimed French Afro-soul duo, Les Nubians this Sunday at Stern Grove Festival. This Grammy-nominated sister act, features the stunning vocals of Helene and Celia Faussart.
Opening the afternoon is a Bay Area favorite, Rupa and the April Fishes.

Find Stations that play their music on Live365 here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

50% OFF all MP3 and CD albums - Six Degrees Records

My favorite label has a big sale on all their albums.
Listen their broadcast on live365 and don't miss this amazing deal as this offer ends on March 17th!
Select artist from the dropdown menu or pick a compilation

My favorite albums and compilations:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dreaming About Vacation ...

We spent a wonderful day with friends in Tiburon. It was nice and warm, no wind, just light breeze from the ocean... And evening finished with glass of wine and 'Brazil Moods'.

Enjoy this music and dream...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Run Lana Run"

I am running - not a marathon, just 50 Lake Street blocks in San Francisco. Running to get some fresh air, to relax, to forget about daily routines, work, money....... and to feel good about myself. I am doing it at night and really enjoying it.
How does it relate to music? Well, music is what keeps me going. I listen to my favorite Live365 internet radio stations while running, listen with my phone(very soon it will be Live365 on iPhone). Songs from 'PureOneFM Online' help to recharge my batteries every time I am getting tired. 'Bunny's Pimping
gives me speed. 'TAMO' is a 'progressive' mood enhancer. And once I am back home I relax with 'RADIO DAVIDBYRNE.COM'

Listen my Picks with new Live365 Widget:

Or get more info on my favorite stations:

++Bunny's Pimping Techno++- my friend Natalia station
playing Infected Mushroom, DJ Tiesto, Mars& Mystre
++PureOneFM Online on myspace++
++TAMO++(CD 128 kbps, genre - Electronic/Dance, House,
Progressive) - Tag Art Music ONLINE! (from Honolulu, HI)
++RADIO DAVIDBYRNE.COM++ website - Currently playing 'Back from Brasil' playlist

Run SF:
Enjoy San Francisco Running Routes
Join San Francisco Road Runners Club

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Your rainbow is intensely shaded red, green, and orange.


What is says about you: You are a strong person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Holidays !!!

In a spirit of Christmas and a New Year I decided to launch my own Christmas Station Smooth Christmas 2007. Mixing original hits from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday with some wonderful music from Nina Simone, Pink Martini and other wonderful vocal jazz singers. I picked only things I really liked and on my son's request there are couple songs from 'The Polar Express' movie. BTW Gingerbread Mans you see in this posting are my creation. Enjoy!

As always Recommending my selection from Live365 Stations:
Christmas music with a downtempo groove! For those who prefer their holidaze shaken, not stirred! DJ Snoman From San Francisco Christmas, Seasonal/Holiday, Electronic/Dance
++Motown Christmas - 2007++
A Motown Christmas... Now!!! comming 1/1/08.. Ultimate Motown & Classic Soul from the 50's, 60's and 70's - Motown Radio Network

++All Christmas Stations++
++Nicky's Christmas++
Christmas favourites and classic oldies from the fifties to the nineties and more with many of the songs rarely heard before in stereo
++Acappella Christmas++

Friday, September 21, 2007

Argo - 'CreativiTea' from Chicago

In this posting I would like to share my love for a cup of freshly brewed Tea. Also presenting a station broadcasting from 'Argo Tea' company. Recently they produced a wonderful CD - Creativitea
, a signature compilation showcasing some of Chicago's finest musical talent in the chill out and lounge genre, including Argo Tea employees.[LISTEN] Tea is a traditional Russian drink, if you ever visit anybody in Russia you most likely would be invited for a cup of tea. You can try a traditional cup of Russian tea in 'Samovar Tea Lounge' cafe in San Francisco along with Russian Tea Service-18$(Bottomless Cup of Samovar-steeped Russian Tea, Smoked Trout Blinni, Russian Tea Egg, Bergamot Bread Pudding, Lapsang Souchong Chocolate Trufle).
They say that Tolstoy fueled his creativity by drinking Russian tea from the samovar. See what it does for you. Start with zavarka from the samovar, dilute it with a tad of hot water, and add milk and sugar.
Here is my son at 'Samovar Tea Lounge'-he especially liked tea infused cookies.

Back to music and other handy tea info
++ Tea and Cookie blog++
++San Francisco's Best Tea Company++

Other stations go well with Tea :
++Saucy Chica Chillout++
++ Sunset & Jazz Web Radio++
++Ferngerms Sleeps++
++CAFÉ CODY .com++

My Favorite Places to have a cup of tea in San Francisco :
++Samovar Tea Lounge++
++Ferry Building Imperial Tea++
++Secret Garden Tea House++
++Leland Tea Company++
++Windsor Tea Room (The King George Hotel)++
++Modern Tea++
++Tal-Y-Tara Tea & Polo Shoppe++
++Japanese Tea Garden ++

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

September 14 - Party and Help a Great Cause. Thank to all who joined us for the event!

Here is an event organized by my friends on September 14th, 2007. RSVP to be on our list for this and future events.

Invite your friends and join us for an ultimate dance club experience to Help a Great Cause!

Event will be happening in one of the best SF clubs: Mr. Smith's (formerly Cloud Nine) - sophisticated, multi-level lounge with stylish entertainment experience.

DJs Tall Sasha, Playdoughboy and Jason Knight will spin the hottest dance tracks for your dancing pleasure.
This is entertainment for a good cause so join us for great music, beautiful crowd and some of the best drinks in town! Donation at the door to benefit the foundation.

Fund Raising Event in San Francisco on Friday, September 14th, 2007

Mr. Smith's (formerly Cloud Nine)
34 7th Street (at Market)
San Francisco, CA
9 pm - 2 am
We kindly ask for a $15 donation at the door but there is no limit to your generosity! To view the fund activity and our supporters please visit

Friday, August 3, 2007

Gershwin by Jack Gibbons

It has been a long time since I have last written. Vacation, busy life at live365, and my family took over all of my time. But I promise I will get back on track. After visiting a
'Museum of Making Music' in Carlsbad, California, I am finding out for myself how much I do like classical music. It is music outside of my normal fast paced life. It makes me think about old times. I can imagine myself watching 'silent movies' and hearing Gershwin on a piano or attending a ball in St. Petersburg and dancing Chopin waltzs. Artists like Jack Gibbons keep this music alive and let us enjoy it. He plays music close to my heart, maybe because some of the composers had some russian roots, like Gershwin whose parents were from St. Petersburg, Russia. Recently he started a radiostation on live365, what a great step. With our company( moving forward and distributing content to hundreds of partners, it is nice to have very unique content. Jack Gibbons is an English classical pianist and composer. He plays the works of Gershwin, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Liszt, Alkan, Ravel and Rachmaninov. The BBC is hailing him as "THE Gershwin pianist of our time".


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

In Oriental Mood

Turkish, arabic, persian chill, dance and to dream.

Live365 is unquestionably becoming an international music portal. Just recently I found a station broadcasting very beautiful Middle Eastern Music. And the broadcaster is based in Moscow(Russia) to my surprise. When you listen to this station it is like traveling in your dreams, going to the beautiful countries of the Middle East, with its slow pace life, aromatic food delights and breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy Listening
Many of the artists are still unknown here in the U.S., so you really will have a unique opportunity to hear them. I was able to find one of these artist's CDs on - Azam Ali (Album -"Elysium For The Brave"). From Amazon review:"The result is a highly coherent body of work that seamlessly weaves together all of Azam's cultural and musical influences into a haunting tapestry of atmospheric rock, electronic, and global sounds"

Genre Middle Eastern, Electronic/Dance, International
More stations playing Middle Eastern Delights: Chill'n'Groove, ***RADIO MUSICANA***
Some nice San Francisco places serving Middle Eastern food: Ya Ya , La Mediterranee, Ararat

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rachmaninoff Radio

There has not been a day when I didn't feel nostalgic about my home country, Russia and my city, Moscow. All the memories from the past make me realize I will always be russian in my soul and in my mind....with my russian, stubborn character. You probably will agree with me - memories from the past are always the best, you think nothing can be better in the future.
This station I found while listening to some Classical music online. Playing my favorite Russian Composer, Rachmaninoff, for hours and days. If you ever get a chance to hear it live in concert, you will understand what a beatuful, romantic and moving music it is. For me it is my Russia that I remember, with its bereza 'birch' trees, big fields and thouthful, warm people.
Enjoy **Rachmaninoff Radio**

Genre Classical, Romantic, Piano
More stations playing Rachmaninoff
Other Romantic Stations

Place i lived in Russia for 15 years - "Kolomenskoe"

Originally uploaded by alexboi84

Originally uploaded by zmamtchenkova

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Taking music in its own hands and making unique Music Genre Categories like Any Mood(Energetic, Mellow,Sad...) and Any Place(At The Beach,Ibiza,Cancun,Route66...), gathering talented independed labels and artists and presenting them through Live365 network. From zeronetwork mission statement:"IN A WORLD where much is made of what divides us, there are many of us who feel, as Sting has written, like a hundred billion castaways stranded on an island, looking for a home.
At 0hour, we believe that Music has the power to heal and the power to unite. Moreover, we believe it has the power to free your mind. It can take you back to a place in time, help you escape to a night club in Ibiza , or create just the right mood for those special occasions.
Consequently, our mission is clear: To make people's lives better with Music. So, all you castaways, we hope you’ll find a home here with us."

Audio:96 kbps MP3PRO

My favorite zerohournetwork stations:

Wired - Electronica, Italo Disco and Alternative Club Mixes with a taste of Ibiza **LISTEN**

Surf - A Day At The Beach **LISTEN**

World Music - The Best The World Has To Offer **LISTEN**

80s - The Music From When They Still Played Music On MTV **LISTEN**

Check their intire directory here

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

DJ Appropriate

DJ Appropriate (aka Tony Brooke) from San Francisco, plays cool dj mixes and artists like Cheb I Sabbah,Beck, The Temptations,Bebel Gilberto and DJ Blue Water in R&B/Urban, Downtempo and Latin genres. **LISTEN**
An Independent with his own website and music recommendations, he also has a profile where he features his live365 live station as 'Recently Listened Tracks'. While looking at his Profile, I decided to look at lastfm and what they can offer compared to live365. I like their user pages a lot, it's a great way to get users of similar tastes together. The radio station presents sets of songs based on user personal taste or if it is a group, then on the group music taste.
I would not call it a real radiostation experience with its own DJs and handpicked songs to play in certain order as live365 offers. But I admit, they do have a great music lovers community. As a person who likes to listen to more professional DJs and to unique content, I would stick with live365 and hope one day the live365 listening community will be as visible as .......or even better.

For now: Recommendations(login to get personalized ones), or click on purple icons in directory - Listeners who like DJ Appropriate also like these stations

Playlist:6 days, 12 hours (2300+ tracks) with a minimum of 4 days before any track repeats. Effective freshness factor: high, The Appropriate Stream
Upcoming Events in SF:Every Monday 'Brainstormer Pub Quiz' at Danny Coyle's pub

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lounge 94109

Lounge 94109 - going local with its neat zipcode name. A downtempo station from Downtown of San Francisco.**LISTEN**
Broadcasting Mezzanine de l'Alcazar, Hotel Costes, Man Ray and Buddha-Bar. Has 4 Scheduled shows at 11 pm 4 days a week with OM label, hometown music and Paris Lounge.

More good stuff:
Tonight 10 pm - FREE Party with Chuck Love(OM, Salted, Tango) at SUPPERCLUB
Downtempo Labels originated in SF:
Downtempo tribe online:
Best SF mag:

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This week - Best of San Francisco

My Painting
Here is a little geographic research and some statistics: There are a total of 872 stations from California on, from them, 86 are originated in San Francisco and 25 are broadcasting in the Electronica/Downtempo genre. Here is a list of few favorites from SF that will be featured this week along with some of the most popular cool SF spots to visit and listen to some good music:
Lounge 94109++LISTEN++
DJ Appropriate++LISTEN++
-Below Zero-++LISTEN++
chilling you out++LISTEN++

And a painting you see on top is my artwork from year 2000. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Doktorlove's relax

Happy Valentine Day! Featuring one of most romantic stations on live365 from France by 'Doctorlove'. Music for your romantic moments and your hot nights! It is a wild mix of R&B, romantic oldies, chill out and international lounge music.||LISTEN||This week Valentine day comes on Wednesday, but i still want you relax, get into romantic mood for the evening and listen to artists like 'The Velvet Underground' and 'Zero 7'.
One of my favorite videos about my favorite time of the week:
The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning





Monday, February 12, 2007

Generation 80s Retro

"Generation 80s Retro" is a New Wave, 80s and Alternative Classics station broadcasted by javajanedm. As a teenager I remember stealing tapes from my older brother to listen to this music with my friends. From Javajane "Now partnering with iTunes Radio, Gen80s is one of the most listened to independent, hobbiest [non-corporate] ALTERNATIVE 80s radio station in the world, with nearly 6,000,000 total listening hours logged. Generation80s has been the #1 "Alternative" station on the Live365 network for nearly 4 years and one of the top overall streams on their network for some time, thanks to YOUR listening and support." Popular artists on this station:New Order, The Cure, Human League, Erasure, Duran Duran and many others.+++LISTEN+++
Adding to this review a best Windows Media Interface I've tested so far called TVedia(made by 8Dimensions). Can be accessed from your TV - Supports Live365, Flickr, YouTube, Google Video and MetaCafe.
Here are few pages featuring "Generation 80s Retro" Station Page and directory listing.
Playlist: longer than 1-2 days (often changes)
Genre: Alternative, 80s, Classic Alternative
Featured Software to listen with: TVedia

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Six Degrees Traveler

A broadcast lead by ‘Six Degrees’ co-founder, Bob Duskis. A weekly station playing 2 hour Traveler Installments with commentaries from Bob Duskis.'LISTEN' This station is my long time favorite as it features amazing songs and mixes that are really rare to find in the World Electronica/Dance genre. Check Out their website for more info on current playlist and artists. My favorite artist I heard on their label is ‘Bombay Dub Orchestra’ which features 2 great artists Garry Hughes and Andrew T. Mackay and 'Bossacucanova'. From ‘Six Degrees’ editors about Bossacucanova album:” the members of Bossacucanova suggest that you "secure a tranquil moment, select the right company and relax your mind and your eyes. Let our soundwaves take you to the magnificent sunsets of Ipanema beach." As attractive as that invitation is, listeners will probably find that this wonderful album will complement a raucous evening on the patio with cocktails and tiki torches as nicely as it does a moment of tranquil relaxation. Gentle jazz, complex breakbeats, sad-but-happy melodies, sudden eruptions of funky electronica — it sounds kind of like a recipe for the perfect party, doesn't it? For that matter, it may even be the recipe for a better world — but the party will do for now”. The station also has an archive for their installements here. And you can hear some of music label music life at various clubs and venues throughout North America.
Playlist: 2 hour show no ads(Professional Station)
Genre: World Electronica
Other electronica label i like:

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

REmiXed! by DJ Jimmy B

This Dance station became popular among thousands of International listeners in just 2 months. Started in December 2006, it reached almost 5,000 TLH (Total Listening Hours in the last 30 days) by February. It takes couple years for a good station to reach this TLH. Broadcaster, ‘DJ Jimmy B’ also has a nice website with 'The Hit List'.
The station has a lot of Energy Megamixes, Progressive remixed tracks and EuroNRG hits by Sash, Alice Deejay and many others. It makes you dance in your chair at work, oops I probably shouldn’t do this. If you have a party, just turn this station on your MAC or PC and any crowd would start dancing hearing the music coming out from your speakers.<Listen>

For readers who don’t know what live365 is – it is a community of more than 10,000 broadcasters and millions of listeners. Anybody can become a broadcaster and share their music tastes with millions. Just as and Pandora, we have popular tracks, but we also have many custom DJ Mixes, Talk Shows, International Music from all over the world and Professional stations. I guess this would be one of the reasons why I have been here for more than 7 years already.

Other great dance stations:
Planet Euro
Genre:Electronic/Dance, Dance Pop, Progressive
Playlist:More than 10 hours long, regularly updated

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Remember the movie 'Groove', It was around year 2000 when it came out during a time when we were going out everyweek to party in SF. Popular DJs at the
time: , John Digweed and Sasha, Leftfield and DJ Polywoog. It was a time of progressive house, when your head started slowly spinning and some sounds would bring you up high and some would drop you down. There is a popular party in SF 'Stompy' which we really enjoy back then and now, they have been is SF from 1992. While thinking about these times I tried to find a station that would remind me how happy we were dancing and enjoying each other. Here is the station: SFDance. It is a small spin of tunes that were popular in 2000. Nobody touched this station for few years, but it has few hours of good music. On the left pic of DJ Polywog on Webby Awards 2002 I attended.

My Favs playing progressive house:Dance Groovz


Playlist: lasts for a few hours
Genre: Electronic/Dance, Techno, Trance

Monday, February 5, 2007


This station started in the year 2000 by 2 coworkers, me(Lana) and Natalia. After we discovered absolute love for downtempo music and great artists like Thievery Corporation, Nightmares on Wax, De-Phazz, Kruder & Dorfmeister and many others that were playing in many SF locations. This was also the same time I met my husband who also fell in love with me and the music I love. The image on the left, my painting was also inspired by this station.

Other stations playing downtempo music i like:
Chillout 2 New York


French Lounge

Playlist: lasts for a few days
Genre: Downtempo, Electronic/Dance, Chill
Listen: 5 years ago-in a club hugging with friends, now-lounging at home connected with Squeezebox.
Some great Downtempo sites:,
Clubs in SF playing Chill:Supperclub,Levende Lounge,Medjool

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